It’s always remarkable when life comes full circle. That is certainly the case when Magan Hinson gave birth to her daughter five weeks premature, leading to an extended hospital stay. In an interview with PEOPLE, she said, "It's very stressful just having her in me for eight months and then being separated like this, it's been hard.” 

However, a familiar face gave the new mom some hope. NICU nurse, Shirlene Hanson has worked at the Charlotte, North Carolina for 36 years. She has seen a number of patients during her time there and certainly recalls a set of quadruplets that were born 30 years ago. She recalled caring for the babies and situating them for photographs. 

When she saw the grandmother to the newest baby put on her unit, she reportedly told WCNC, “"I just kept looking. I'd fed the baby, and the grandmother came in, and I kept looking at her, and I said, 'I've seen that smile.' And then I heard her voice. We'd had quads in the hospital before, but that mother, when she had the babies, she was just somebody you didn't forget. She was real friendly and personable, and the babies did great.” At that moment, Hanson immediately realized that she had helped care for Hinson during the early days of her life. 

This realization made Hinson feel more comfortable and grateful that someone who had once been there for her, was now there for her child. Hinson said, "It's pretty wild. It was meant to be. It made me feel more comfortable.”

 Fortunately, Aubree has been able to steadily gain weight and is expected to continue to do well. Doctors will allow her to go home once she puts on a few more pounds. 

Stories such as this remind us just how linked the world really is. Hanson sums it up, "It's just an unbelievable experience. It just makes your job worthwhile," Hanson says. "You know you were there in the beginning of her life and now you're here where she's in the beginning. It was just beautiful, a very full circle moment."

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